Marcin Plebanek: the worst movie ever

Journalist : Good morning, can I take you a moment ?
Me : Sure.
Journalist : I have a question to you, what was the worst movie you’ve ever seen ?
Me : Yyy.. I don’t often watch movies but I watched the movie “Crusaders”, it was my school reading, and it was very boring and I thought it’d better.
Journalist : What didn’t you like in it ?
Me : In my opinion, there were too many dialogues and not enough fighting scenes. The last battle wasn’t also intresting. The battle scenes quickly broke off, blood wasn’t visible, the whole scene didn’t reflect the true battle.
Journalist : I seemed this film is very popular in Poland and people praise it, don’t they ?
Me : I don’t know, maybe they do but as I said, I don’t often watch movies so I can’t compare it with others. The film didn’t intrested me.
I didn’t play so well watching “Crusaders” like when I was watching “Star Wars”.
Journalist : All right, thank you for participate in the interview.
Me : No problem, thank you.
Journalist : Bye, have a good day !

Ewelina Macioszek: the worst movie ever


I was thinking about this topic all previous week, but I am sill undecided. I saw two terrible movies, and I can’t decide which is the worst.

            Title of the first is “Life of Pie”. Maybe I just haven’t understood the message, but the movie was very boring  for me. It interested me a little at the beginning, because the idea was very original. I was disappointed when the main character with few animals stayed in the boat in the middle of the ocean. The rest of the movie was totally monotonous and boring. Piscine every day does the same things. He eats food from cans, prays to ‘all Gods’ and trays to became friend with a dangerous tiger and the rest of the zoo. Description of his all 227  identical days, took 1 hour of movie. The end of course is totally predictable. The boy’s best friend is the tiger, and everyone look up to Piscine – their hero. 

            The second movie is “Twilight Love” . This is just a next love story and it has totally the same scenario like the rest of them. A rich and bad boy falls in love with a low key, shy, smart and good girl. She resists, but not for a long time. Everything was perfect for one moment, later he was cheating on her, she was crying. When the love was again like in a love story he dies on a trip. I don’t like movies like that, because it is not hard to make such a story. I saw almost the same movies many times and this is boring for me.

Dawid Szmechta: Winter holidays


Hi Ben,

I have positive memories from my winter holiday. Every day I woke up on 12 am and ate pancakes. I spent each day with my friends. We cooked many desserts. On Tuesday Kamil and I went to Opole. We recorded parody of music video “Shape of you”. On Thursday I met my older friends and we went to the ice rink. On Friday I went to the cinema for the Oscar marathon. It was extra. This winter holiday were the best I’ve ever had. And how about you.


Asia Langer: winter holidays


Hi Emma.

Today I finished my winter holidays, it was wonderful. I have so much to tell you. Quite often, I met up with my friends. We went together to the cinema, ice skating, to the swimming pool,to restaurant, and did other great things. Together with my friends we were on the movie marathon at the cinema. We watched four films of which only I really liked. On the last film I fell asleep and almost did not remember anything, but it was wonderful. Although these holidays lasted only two weeks and so it was a little too short. But I think they were very successful. And how you spent yours holidays?


Sabina Kornek: Winter holidays.


My holidays this year weren’t so interesting. During the first week I was ice skating with my friends and my sisters, and later we went to eat somenthing and that ended my day trip. At the end of my holidays break I went to Wrocław with my parents. I was there because I want to go to the rope park and that is how my holidays end. I think holidays should be a bit longer 😦 How about you? Did you hav good fun during winter break?

Love, Sabina

Marcel Rzany: winter holidays


Guitar hello,

Hi, I would like to tell you how I spent my Winter holidays!! If you think, that I had an exclusive timetable, you are in a big mistake! Everyday I’ve been doing evrething spontaneously. First week, was pretty cool. I did nothing creative. Second week was a little cooler, because my favourite artist called Guzior, had concert in Opole city. I was very excited and happy. I bought his CD by the way. Oh man I have an epic photo with him. Ehh, I don’t know what to say more about the holidays. I spent some time playing basketball, or doing some other sport. Yeah, that’s it. Thanks.

Paulina Joniec: winter holidays.


Hi Rob!

I know I haven’t been writing for a long time, but, to tell the truth, I was very busy. Now I have a lot of time so I would like to renew our relationship. I`m writing to you because I would like to tell you about my winter holidays.

At the first week, actually on Thursday we went in a 10-person team to the labyrinth of puzzle. I was very happy, because I love this game entertainment. We divided into two teams, and I was with my team chose the difficult room. Even though we met with many difficult puzzles, we give advice and got out ahead of time. Later we went to McDonald’s. That day was successful. The next day I went with friends on ice skating and later for pizza. Next week, on Monday and Tuesday I was on the recordings for a new TV program. It was interesting and amazing experience, because I could see all the stars up close and take a picture with them. Besides, I’m on TV almost every Saturday. The other day I met up with friends and I driven very often Opole e.g the swimming pool.

This winter holidays were really cool and I now wait just a holiday to spend time fun again. Please write back me as soon as possible.